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Embark on our Microlighting Experiences for a unique opportunity to learn how to pilot some of the lightest aircraft in the skies, all set against the backdrop of amazing locations across the nation!

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About Microlighting Experiences

Embark on an exhilarating Microlighting Experience with us, where you'll soar through the skies under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Our microlighting schools are sanctioned by the prestigious BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association), ensuring top-notch training and safety standards.

You'll receive comprehensive instruction on both flex-wing and fixed-wing light aircraft, mastering the basics from takeoff to landing. Then, it's your turn to command the cockpit as you navigate the heavens, treating yourself to breathtaking views and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Choose from a variety of experiences tailored to suit your preferences, with options available at different lengths to accommodate your schedule. Prepare to explore stunning landscapes from a unique perspective, such as the picturesque Northamptonshire, where you can marvel at sprawling countryside and even take off from a historic airfield once utilised by the USAAF 401st Bombardment. Alternatively, venture over Cambridgeshire, where the breathtaking fens and flourishing flora await below. With locations scattered across the nation, you can select a spot convenient to you or even incorporate it into a relaxing getaway. If your looking to learn on a larger scale, how about you take a look at our Flying Experiences page. The sky's the limit with our Microlighting Experiences!

What is Microlighting?

Microlight flying offers an exhilarating experience in the skies, emphasizing enjoyment above all else. These aircraft come in a variety of types, ranging from fully open to the elements to fully enclosed with heating systems.

Controls on microlights vary widely, from the classic handglider and parachute-style controls to conventional stick and rudder setups. Some microlights are tailored for slow, leisurely cruising and sightseeing, while others are designed for longer journeys, spanning the length and breadth of the country or even venturing abroad.

Essentially, a microlight is a lightweight aircraft powered by a small engine, typically accommodating one or two people. Think of it as the offspring of a small plane and a hang glider, combining the thrill of flight with the manoeuvrability and accessibility of lighter aviation. Its a great entry into learning how to fly and a whole lot of fun for all ages!

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