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Survival Courses

Our Survival Course experiences equip you for braving the elements and the wider perils of the great outdoors by honing your bushcraft and other survival skills.

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Immersive Military Experience for Six Immersive Military Experience for Six

Bring your friends to Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire to be immersed in a Special Ops Military Experience for six. Feel like a real soldier as you t ...

MapOxfordshire £239.00 View
Immersive Military Experience for Four Immersive Military Experience for Four

Bring your friends to Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire to be immersed in a Special Ops Military Experience for four. Feel like a real soldier as you ...

MapOxfordshire £159.00 View
Cornwall Castaway Survival Challenge Cornwall Castaway Survival Challenge

The Castaway Challenge is a fun way to test your survival skills. The challenge is split into 3 sections, the first being making it to dry land after ...

MapCornwall £99.00 View
Woodland Ways Weekend Woodland Ways Weekend

Get back to nature and learn survival skills in an overnight course. No need to be Bear grylls, this is no SAS selection but it is a great way to lea ...

MapSee 2 locations £270.00 View
Bushcraft Fundamentals - Multiple Locations Bushcraft Fundamentals - Multiple Locations

Are you ready to discover the secrets of bushcraft? With our vouchers, you can choose between three serene backdrops in Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, or E ...

MapSee 3 locations £110.00 View
Map Reading Navigation Course Map Reading Navigation Course

Head out on the hills for a Full Day with this Map Reading Navigation Experience in the Peak District. Learn the essential skill of map reading and n ...

MapDerbyshire £99.00 View
Bushcraft Day Bushcraft Day

What better way to get out into the great outdoors than by going on a Bushcraft Day in Dorset. The Survival style course will teach you survival skil ...

MapDorset £75.00 View
Family Bushcraft Weekend Family Bushcraft Weekend

What better way to get your kids interested in the great outdoors than by going on a Family Bushcraft Weekend in Dorset. The Survival style course wi ...

MapDorset £299.00 View
Accredited Weekend Bushcraft Course Accredited Weekend Bushcraft Course

Live truly wild for a weekend with this Accredited Bushcraft weekend run by qualified and experienced instructors. Over the 2 days the course leader ...

MapStaffordshire £220.00 View
 Full Day Fly Fishing Session - North Yorkshire Full Day Fly Fishing Session - North Yorkshire

Experience the tranquillity of fly fishing in North Yorkshire with Stuart Wardle, an exceptional Commonwealth fly fisher and an all-around great blok ...

MapCounty Durham £400.00 View
Full Day Fly Fishing Session - Lake District Full Day Fly Fishing Session - Lake District

Are you looking for a peaceful and enjoyable way to experience the Lake District? Look no further than fly fishing on the tranquil waters of the Rive ...

MapCounty Durham £425.00 View
Full Day Fly Fishing Session - Hampshire Full Day Fly Fishing Session - Hampshire

Experience the serene and tranquil art of fly fishing in Hampshire with lessons from expert angler Steve Ward. Steve has been fishing for decades and ...

MapWiltshire £249.00 View
Family Bushcraft Day Experience Family Bushcraft Day Experience

Have you ever wanted to escape from the modern world or been curious about surviving in the wild? It’s easy to get lost in the idea when you crave es ...

MapSurrey £55.00 View

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About Survival Courses Experiences

Unleash the Adventurer Within with Our Survival Courses! With Experiences UK, we have a selection of exciting Survival Course Experiences. We all think we could take on whatever extremes the wild surroundings throw at us, but whether you're equipping yourself Bear Grylls style to be at one with nature - or protecting yourself from a sudden zombie apocalypse - these are the experiences you'll want to take up on.

In a world that constantly challenges our resilience and adaptability, there's an increasing desire to reconnect with nature and acquire essential survival skills. Imagine gifting someone not just a present, but an experience that empowers them with the ability to navigate the wild, build shelters, and face the unknown with confidence. Our company offers a unique and unforgettable gift – survival courses that encompass bushcraft, map reading, and military training.

Our bushcraft courses are designed for individuals who crave a hands-on experience in the great outdoors. Whether your loved one is a seasoned adventurer or a beginner, our expert instructors will guide them through the art of building shelters, making fire without modern tools, and sourcing food and water from the natural environment. These courses not only provide practical skills but also foster a deep connection with nature, instilling a sense of self-reliance that lasts a lifetime.

For those who enjoy the thrill of exploration, our map reading courses are the perfect gift. In an age where GPS may not always be available, mastering the art of navigation is a crucial skill. Participants will learn how to interpret topographic maps, use a compass effectively, and plan routes with precision. From hiking trails to remote wilderness, the ability to read maps unlocks a world of adventure, making this course an ideal gift for anyone with a passion for exploration.

For the ultimate adventure seekers, our military training courses provide a taste of the discipline and skills honed by the world's elite forces. From tactical maneuvers to survival strategies, participants will be immersed in a challenging yet rewarding environment. Led by experienced military instructors, these courses instill leadership qualities, teamwork, and mental toughness. This is a unique gift that goes beyond the ordinary, offering an unparalleled experience for those who seek to push their limits.

Selecting the perfect course for your loved one has never been easier. Our vouchers allow recipients to choose the course that best aligns with their interests and skill level. Whether it's a weekend bushcraft retreat or an intensive military training program, the gift of survival skills is an investment in personal growth and adventure.

In a world filled with material possessions, the gift of survival courses stands out as a truly extraordinary and transformative experience. Give your loved ones the skills to thrive in any environment, fostering a sense of self-confidence and preparedness. Our courses are not just about survival; they're about embracing life's adventures with courage and resilience. Choose a gift that lasts a lifetime – give the gift of survival courses from our company.

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