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Adopt an Animal

What better present for an animal lover than to gift them an 'Adopt an Animal' Certificate which provides financial support to various trusts and charities who care for our furry friends.

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Adopt a Meerkat Adopt a Meerkat

These adorable meerkats, who have gained fame on TV, need to be adopted so they can continue to thrive at the Meerkat conservation project in South A ...

£20.00 View
Adopt a Big Cat Adopt a Big Cat

Attention all feline enthusiasts! Sink your claws into our Adopt A Tiger or Big Cat packages! We believe they make a purrfect gift for individuals wh ...

£20.00 View
12 Month Sloth Adoption 12 Month Sloth Adoption

If you have a friend or family member who adores these adorable creatures, consider gifting them a sloth adoption pack. By adopting a sloth, you'll b ...

£20.00 View
12 Month Llama Adoption 12 Month Llama Adoption

Llamas are truly delightful creatures with their shaggy coats, cute little smiles, and funny ears. However, some of these beautiful animals are in ne ...

£20.00 View
Adopt A Galapagos Penguin Adopt A Galapagos Penguin

Are you looking for a meaningful way to make a difference? Consider adopting a penguin from the Galapagos through the Galapagos Conservation Trust. T ...

£20.00 View
Adopt a Monkey Gift Tins Adopt a Monkey Gift Tins

Adopt a monkey and enjoy having your very own cheeky chimp for a year! This adoption gift tin includes a large wall map displaying the natural habita ...

£20.00 View
Adopt A Giraffe Adopt A Giraffe

Giraffes are some of the most-loved wild safari animals, with their long neck and legs, their gorgeous coat patterns and distinctive fur, plus their ...

£20.00 View
Adopt a Dolphin Adopt a Dolphin

You can adopt a dolphin and help towards their protection and conservation of their natural habitat, with this beautifully put together gift tin incl ...

£20.00 View
Sponsor a Beehive Sponsor a Beehive

This gift pack will let you sponsor a beehive for the year - and taste the delicious honey it produces too! You’ll be part of a sponsorship programme ...

£65.00 View
Meet the Bees Beehive Adoption Surrey Meet the Bees Beehive Adoption Surrey

Are you fascinated by bees but maybe don’t have the space or time commitment to having a beehive of your own? This wonderful gift experience will let ...

£79.00 View

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The Gift of Adopting an Animal

In a world brimming with material possessions, few gifts possess the ability to touch hearts and create lasting memories like the simple act of adopting an animal. With our unique 'Adopt an Animal' gift certificates, we invite you to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Elevate your gifting experience by bestowing upon your loved ones the opportunity to nurture and protect precious wildlife.

We believe in the transformative power of compassion and connection. Our mission is to foster meaningful relationships between humans and animals, enriching lives and preserving the planet's biodiversity. Through our carefully curated selection of 'Adopt an Animal' gift certificates, we offer a gateway to this profound experience.

Imagine the delight on the face of your friend, family member, or colleague as they unwrap the promise of a newfound bond with a majestic creature. Whether it's a playful dolphin, a sleepy sloth, a tired donkey or a majestic Elephant, our diverse range of adoption options ensures that there's a perfect match for every animal enthusiast.

More than just a symbolic gesture, each adoption contributes directly to charities and trusts who provide vital conservation efforts around the globe. From supporting habitat preservation initiatives to funding research and rehabilitation programs, your gift becomes a beacon of hope for endangered species and animals in need.

What sets our 'Adopt an Animal' gift certificates apart is their personal touch. Each package includes a beautifully designed certificate featuring a stunning image of the adopted animal, along with fascinating facts and information about its species and habitat. It's not just a gift; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and stewardship.

Our 'Adopt an Animal' gift certificates are more than just a present; they're a statement of values. By giving the gift of adoption, you're not only honoring someone special in your life, but you're also making a meaningful difference in the world. It's a gesture of kindness and altruism that transcends borders and brings people together in a shared commitment to protect our planet's precious biodiversity.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or simply expressing gratitude, our 'Adopt an Animal' gift certificates are the perfect choice for any occasion. Give the gift of wonder, compassion, and conservation. Give the gift of adoption.

Join us in spreading joy, creating memories, and building a brighter future for all living beings. Together, let's make a difference, one adoption at a time.

Some of the animals you can adopt are:

  • Adopt a Big Cat
  • Adopt a Beehive
  • Adopt a Dolphin
  • Adopt a Donkey
  • Adopt an Elephant
  • Adopt a Giraffe
  • Adopt a Llama
  • Adopt a Meerkat
  • Adopt a Monkey
  • Adopt a Penguin
  • Adopt a Sloth
Animal Experiences
Adopt an Animal
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