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Discover the hidden gems of the UK with our immersive experience days blog, where adventure awaits at every turn. From quaint countryside escapes to adrenaline-pumping urban excursions, we unveil a treasure trove of unforgettable moments waiting to be explored. Delve into the art of bee keeping on a rustic farm, soar above majestic landscapes in a glider, or sample delectable treats at a chocolate-making workshop. With insider tips, personal anecdotes, and detailed guides, our blog is your passport to a world of excitement and discovery right here in the UK. Let the journey begin - and get inspired for your next gift purchase!

Pride Icons and Experiences Inspired by Them
We bring together leading figures from music, fashion and sport who have had a big impact on the LGBTQ+ community, and some fitting experience days
18 June 2024
Celebrating Revolutionary Female Engineers From The UK
Here’s to marking International Women in Engineering Day by celebrating some of the leading female engineers from the UK.
17 June 2024
The Best Father's Day Gifts Near Me Regional Guide
Wherever you are in the UK, we've got the most unique Father's Days gifts and experiences that'll delight Dad on Sunday 16th June
04 June 2024
Top 5 Low Cost Half Term Family Activities Revealed
Parents can treat their children to a family day out for less than the cost of a meal at their favourite fast-food chain according to
28 May 2024
Four Of The Best Mindful Experiences For Self Care
With Mental Health Awareness Week from May 13th - 19th, we take a look at four of our most mindful experience days and activities
10 May 2024
Demand For Universal Credit Family Days Out Surges
Latest data reveals that searches for cheap family days out in the UK have doubled inside the last year
07 May 2024
International Museum Day: Top 10 Best Museums in the World
Celebrate International Museum Day on May 18th by exploring the world's top 10 museums, where history, art, and science collide
01 May 2024
Reasons to Love Ferrets During National Adopt a Ferret Month
We take a closer look into the fascinating life and behaviours of this quirky creature on National Adopt a Ferret Month
22 April 2024
My Bird of Prey Experience
Dan Jones writes about his Birds of Prey Experience at the Lavenham Falconry Centre in Suffolk which he was bought as a Birthday Gift for Him.
10 April 2024
Sloth Facts: 8 Weird And Wonderful Reasons To Love Sloths
We profile one of the most unusual and beloved creatures in the Central and South American rainforests which are in one of our Animal Adoption kits
20 March 2024
Celebrating English Tourism Week With Experiences UK
Spring is here, and so is the perfect time to explore the beauty of England's tourism industry. Celebrate English Tourism Week with Experiences UK.
19 March 2024
Our Favourite Mother’s Day Gifts 2024
Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Look no further! There's nothing more important to our mother than spending quality time with us, creating new memories and sharing laughter.
04 March 2024
The Beekeeper Film and Bee Keeping Experiences in the UK
The Beekeeper inspired us to write about the world of bee keeping in the UK and how you can experience Bee keeping yourself, just for a day.
28 February 2024
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