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Truck Driving Experiences

If you’ve always wanted to get behind the mighty wheels of a lorry or truck, now’s the time. With experiences all over the UK with prices starting from just £19, you can experience the power of these iconic vehicles. Feel the commanding presence of a fire engine as you navigate its impressive size, or dive into the world of American trucking as you master the art of handling these colossal machines around a course. Whether you are looking to fulfill a lifelong dream, seeking an extraordinary gift or looking to learn how to drive a lorry or HGV, our specialised driving packages are bound to offer an unforgettable journey.

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Truck Driving Thrill for Two Truck Driving Thrill for Two

Get trucking! The Truck Driving Thrill for Two is a driving experience with a difference, giving you and your partner, friend or family member the op ...

MapSee 13 locations £298.00£195.00 Save 35% View
American Truck Driving Offer American Truck Driving Offer

In America, bigger means better, and that logic definitely applies to trucks. Don't take our word for it though, see for yourself with the American T ...

MapSee 6 locations £99.00£79.00 Save 20% View
American Truck Driving Taster American Truck Driving Taster

In America, bigger means better, and that logic definitely applies to trucks. Don't take our word for it though, see for yourself with the American T ...

MapSee 6 locations £145.00 View
Truck Driving Experience Truck Driving Experience

The Truck Driving Experience is a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of a huge 12 car transporter. You'll be guided by a fully qualified Heav ...

MapSee 5 locations £59.00 View
Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine Passenger Ride Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine Passenger Ride

Jump in the cab and experience what it's like to be a passenger in a Dennis RS V8 Fire Engine. After your welcome, sign on and safety briefing you'll ...

MapBicester Heritage £39.00£19.00 Save 51% View
Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine Driving Experience Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine Driving Experience

Get a feel for what it would be like to be a Fire Fighter with the Dennis Fire Engine Driving Experience. After your arrival, sign on and safety brie ...

MapBicester Heritage £99.00£49.00 Save 51% View
Truck Driving Thrill Truck Driving Thrill

Get trucking! The Truck Driving Thrill is a driving experience with a difference, giving you the opportunity to take control of a mammoth truck, pull ...

MapSee 13 locations £149.00£99.00 Save 34% View

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Why Should I Purchase a Truck Driving Experience?

For most of us, the closest we get to these mega trucks is getting stuck behind them as they storm along the motorway or hare around country roads. But with Experiences UK, you can explore these vehicles in depth with a truck driving experience or passenger ride.

If you or somebody you know are fascinated by all things driving and cars and are keen to try a new, exhilarating experience a Truck session is ideal. With a range of beastly vehicles to sample that all pack a punch on the road, a fun, thrilling experience is promised all round.

Being up so high and driving such a vast vehicle also gives you a new perspective on the road ahead. When you’re sat high up in one of the seats of these trucks, you’ll soon realise how small regular cars feel.

With fun guaranteed with all our trucks and prices as low as £19, you can hardly go wrong with a truck experience.

What Trucks Can I Drive?

A better question would be: what truck can't I drive? Seriously, the range of trucks on offer a Experiences UK will makes it a hard choice to narrow down. Whether you want to drive a specific vehicle, or purchase a thrill experience which gives you access to three vehicles there is so much on offer throughout the UK.

To give you an idea of the kinds of trucks you could be driving, we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

  • American Trucks

When you think of trucks, you probably imagine a huge vehicle storming along some far off American highway, with a large star flag attached to the side. America is known for many things, but trucks are a national entity there. Unlike any vehicles we have on the roads in the UK, this is a unique chance to sample driving trucks from the USA.

With a double pump of the clutch required to change gear, and left hand drive, not only does it offer a different driving experience that takes a while to get used to, but will give you a unique perspective of the road from height. You’re bound to make memories that will last a lifetime with these truck driving experiences, simply because they are so different from anything else you’ve probably driven before.

  • Scania P420 Car transporters

Car transporters are a staple of our roads and key to transporting cars from one area to another, but not many people will be able to say they have driven one. But with Experiences, you can do just that.

With these types of truck experiences, you’ll be guided by an HGV (heavy goods vehicle) instructor as you drive these 60-foot vehicles around a course and master the art of reverse parking these beasts. It’s safe to say that after driving one of these trucks, parking in a standard car will be a breeze!

  • Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine

These trucks are another staple of our roads that many people don’t get the chance to be a passenger in. But with these sessions available at Experiences UK, you can simply jump in the cab, sit back and enjoy the bumpy, exhilarating ride that these fire engines provide.

With a maximum speed of 80mph, these trucks aren’t just large but pretty speedy, and you feel every bump in the road as you storm along the track. You may even be treated to seeing the blue lights during your ride.

How to Book

If you’ve got the itch to drive a large truck, or know somebody who does, you’re in the best place to make a booking. With a range of experiences available up and down the country, there is something on everyone’s doorstep. 

Once you’ve found the experience you are looking for, simply click ‘view’ and follow the options through to add this to your cart and make the purchase. Here, you’ll have a choice of packaging which can be extra special if you’re purchasing the experience as a gift. 

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