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One Hour Navrtar VR Gaming Experience

One Hour Navrtar VR Gaming Experience

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Valid for 12 months
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Minimum Age: 13 years

About the experience

Free-roam VR experiences are now available at Navrtar, an incredible gaming centre located in London! With one voucher, you can choose from a variety of alternative realities to explore using the latest high-tech VR gaming equipment. The fully immersive, free-roaming virtual reality experience is truly amazing, allowing you to move around the gaming arena and explore your new environment without any limitations. The backpack-less VR systems make it even easier for you to move around and fully immerse yourself into the virtual world. Even if you're new to free-roam VR, Navrtar has got you covered. All experiences start with a 30-minute session in the demo area where you can get used to the VR environment, improve your hand and eye coordination skills and visual awareness and overcome your fear of heights. Once you're ready, you'll get to move into the arena for the main event where each player has a pod station displaying their name. You'll be kitted up with the latest VR equipment and then transported into a virtual world where you could be battling zombies, defending the Earth from an alien attack or taking on various challenges. It's a whole new world of virtual adventure waiting for you at Navrtar! What's even better is that the vouchers are redeemable against any of the experience scenarios offered by Navrtar.

  • One-hour sessions at Navrtar London
  • Fully-Immersive, free-roam VR gaming
  • 30-mins mini-VR experiences plus 30-mins free-roam VR
  • Voucher valid for any of the game scenarios

  • Free-roam immersive VR Experience
  • 30 minute demo of the world of VR made up of 3 mini experiences
  • Familiarise yourself with the concept of the next generation of entertainment
  • 30 minute session from one of the following experiences


  • Are you ready to protect the region of Altesa?
  • Difficulty: Easy-hard


  • Defeat hordes or zombies in a remote village
  • Difficulty: Easy-hard

Overrun Stage 2

  • Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
  • Difficulty: Easy-hard

Strike Team Delta

  • Save humanity from an alien invasion
  • Difficulty: Medium-hard


  • Minimum height 1.3m
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult
  • Recommended minimum age 13 for Overrun, Overrun 2 and Strike Team Delta
  • Participants should be able to move around with a headset whilst using both hands
  • Not suitable for those with broken limbs, severe hearing loss or impaired vision, epilepsy, heart conditions or during pregnancy
  • Glasses with a frame smaller than 142mm wide and 50mm high should fit within the VR goggles

  • Vouchers are valid for use Sunday to Friday throughout the year

Opening Times

  • Monday-Friday: 14:00-22:00
  • Sunday: 10:00-21:00

Minimum Age: 13 years

  • Q-Park id available at Dickens Yard with 20% off for customers available at reception
  • Refreshments can be purchased from onsite bar


  • London
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