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Bushcraft Fundamentals - Multiple Locations

Bushcraft Fundamentals - Multiple Locations

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About the experience

Are you ready to discover the secrets of bushcraft? With our vouchers, you can choose between three serene backdrops in Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, or East Lothian to spend a full day engaging in bushcraft. Surviving in the wilderness requires four key principles - shelter, food, fire, and water. Our experienced and qualified wilderness instructor will guide you through each one, showing you how to light a fire, prepare food, build a shelter, and collect and purify water. As you explore the woods to your base camp, our knowledgeable trainer will introduce you to the foraging materials around you and how the flora and fauna can help you survive. Our training will show you how to forage for firewood and collect useful materials that are all around you. You will also learn how to design and build your one-man kennel shelter as a group. Once your shelter is soundly constructed, it's time for a hearty lunch. The ingredients for your meal will be "au naturel" and still furry or feathered (vegetarian options are always available). Before you can eat, our expert guides will show you how to prepare your food. It's like a survivor's BBQ! In the afternoon, you'll learn the remaining two survival skills: fire and water. Fire is essential to surviving in the wild; it will keep you warm, cook your food, and protect you from wild animals. Our expert guides will teach you different fire builds, how to select appropriate kindling and tinder, and at least ten creative ways of getting your fire lit. You'll be toasting your tootsies in no time! Finally, we'll teach you the basic elements of sourcing, collecting, filtering, and purifying your water, so you'll never go thirsty. The longest humans can survive without water is around three to five days, so rehydration skills are an essential part of your bushcraft basics. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn essential bushcraft skills! After building your shelter, cooking up some grub, and kindling the campfire, we'll end the day with a walk back through the woods to the cars. Join us for a day of survival and bushcraft skills that you'll never forget.

  • Bushcraft days at your choice of location
  • Spend a full day in the woodlands with an expert
  • Learn the essentials - food, shelter, fire and water
  • Get ready for walking, foraging and outdoor cooking
  • Available: Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, East Lothian

  • Learn basic skills required to survive in the wild
  • Four main principles of survival - fire, food, shelter and water
  • Allow spending a whole day at the venue
  • All equipment and instruction is provided
  • All instructors are fully qualified in survival, wildlife and first aid techniques


  • Bushcraft Courses run throughout the year with sessions available on selected Saturdays each month (excluding November/December)
  • Courses run between 09:30 - 16:30 under availability

Minimum Age: 18 years

  • Minimum age is 18
  • Under 16's can attend if accompanied by a participating adult
  • You are advised to wear suitable outdoor, waterproof clothing and sensible footwear
  • You will need to be prepared to travel on foot over rough terrain and spend a day outdoors


  • Derbyshire
  • East Lothian
  • Oxfordshire
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