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Brits Go Wild For Sloths: Creature Tops Adoption List

02 July 2024

Brits Go Wild For Sloths: Creature Tops Adoption List
  • Sloths have emerged as's most popular adopted animal, reflecting the public's growing concern for conservation
  • Our 12 Month Sloth Adoption package leads its offerings significantly, surpassing Adopt a Big Cat by nearly fivefold and Adopt a Meerkat by almost tenfold
  • The surge in sloth adoptions underscores increasing worries about their endangered status, as recently highlighted by the IUCN's declarations

Amid growing concerns over their dwindling population, sloths have captured Brits' affection as they emerge as the nation's most adopted animal.

According to newly released booking data for, our 12 Month Sloth Adoption package has taken the lead among its animal adoption offerings, eclipsing the next most popular product, Adopt a Big Cat, nearly fivefold, and exceeding purchases for its Adopt a Meerkat by almost tenfold.

This surge in sloth adoptions, which sees recipients' money go to the Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloGo), comes at a critical time following the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)'s declaration that two beloved sloth species are now considered endangered.

Indeed, due to deforestation and urbanisation, only 79 pygmy sloths are left in the wild, from the most recent census conducted in 2012 by the IUCN.

James Richardson, Chief Executive at, says: "Proving even more popular than kings of the jungle, lions and tigers, it's clear that sloths' unique charm has warmed the hearts of the British public. More importantly, with concerns mounting over their endangered status, it's important that we act swiftly to protect these gentle creatures."

"Every purchase directly contributes to SloGlo's remarkable conservation efforts and so by choosing to adopt a sloth, you are making a meaningful impact in safeguarding the future of these remarkable animals."

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